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Princeton provides annual update on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

10月. 13, 2021, 11 a.m.

作为全校范围内打击系统性种族主义努力的一部分,OPE体育发布了第一个 annual report highlighting diversity, equity and inclusion work across campus. 的 report provides a snapshot of projects, programs and initiatives during the 2020-21 academic year, and also includes demographic and climate data about 学生, 工作人员, 教师 and postdoctoral scholars. 

“的 excellence of this University depends on attracting, 支持和接纳来自不同背景、不同视角和观点的人才,” President Christopher L. Eisgruber said in his introduction to the report.

In summer 2020, Eisgruber charged the University Cabinet -高级学术和行政领导人-制定行动计划和项目,以解决OPE体育官网和其他地方的系统性种族主义问题.

“我要求我的同事们考虑OPE体育学校的各个方面——从OPE体育的学术事业到日常运营——并制定具体的战略来促进种族歧视 equity on campus and, in partnership with others, beyond our gates,” Eisgruber said. “Since then, 学生, 教师, 工作人员和校友一起努力解决有关前进道路的难题,并确定新的方法来打击种族主义和其他形式的仇恨.”

2020-21 annual report 关注种族平等的努力,并围绕以下三个主题进行组织,这三个主题在上一学年非常突出:气候, inclusion and equity; the academic experience; and access and outreach.

Michele Minter, vice provost for institutional equity and diversity, said the University has redoubled its efforts related to diversity, equity and inclusion over the past decade. 发布年度报告是大学对自己负责并评估其进展的一种方式.

“Recognizing that holistic change does not happen through a few high-profile gestures, 每一位行政和学术领导人都要对人口演变负责, inclusive climate and other systemic changes within their sphere of influence,” Minter said in her introduction to the report. “2020年9月宣布的全校承诺,只是行政单位和学术部门承诺支持种族平等的数十项个人行动中的一小部分.”

Minter added that the University’s diversity, equity and inclusion work has been a community-wide process, 画 数百名学生、教师、博士后学者、员工和校友的投入.

Future reports will provide similar annual updates, with the understanding that moving toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion requires sustained, multigenerational commitment.

“Our investments in racial equity are a theme of the [2020-21] report, but the report also provides highlights of other new and ongoing campus initiatives,” Eisgruber said. “的se activities represent a step forward, not an end. OPE体育需要持续努力,继续致力于成为一个优秀和多元化的机构,让每个成员都能蓬勃发展. 随着时间的推移,OPE体育会对自己负责,报告OPE体育的成功和挑战.”

To read the full report online or download the PDF, please visit the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity site. Updates about ongoing efforts to combat systemic racism are also available on the Racial Equity website. A few highlights from the 2020-21 report’s three topic areas are below; please read the report for the full scope of diversity, equity and inclusion updates. 

Academic experience examples:

  • 建立了本科生在文化与差异领域的通识教育分布新要求.
  • 研究主任办公室推出了新的举措,以扩大历史上在研究中代表性不足的群体的领导和参与, innovation and entrepreneurship. 该办公室2021年9月的赋权会议的重点是庆祝整个学术界的黑人企业家.
  • A new endowed professorship of Indigenous studies was established, and a search for the position is underway.
  • 的 教师 Advisory Committee on Diversity was reconceived.
  • 港大重申,希望在五年内将人数不足的终身教职和终身教职教师人数增加50%.
  • OPE体育欢迎第三批总统博士后研究员. 该项目认可并支持能够为大学的多样性做出贡献的学者, broadly defined, 包括历史上或目前在学院或特定学科中代表性不足的群体成员.

Climate, inclusion and equity examples:

  • 的 School of Public and International Affairs removed Woodrow Wilson from its name.
  • 管理重命名和校园形象变化原则的受托人委员会建议了命名的总体原则, renaming and changing campus iconography.
  • 六月节被确定为大学的官方假日,员工们得到了安妮特·戈登-里德(Annette Gordon-Reed)的《OPE体育官网》(On Juneteenth)一书的免费副本.
  • 的 Graduate School launched a new Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort.

Access and outreach examples:

  • Provost Deborah Prentice is overseeing of a significant extension of Princeton’s community education efforts, 其中一项倡议侧重于加强现有项目,如监狱教学倡议,另一项倡议探索开发一种新的, degree-granting program for adult learners.
  • 艾玛·布隆伯格入学和机会中心成立于2021年4月,旨在加强和扩大OPE体育长期以来对OPE体育官网或其他大学有才华的第一代和低收入学生(FLI)入学和成功的承诺.
  • 财政和财政部于2021年3月通过了一项多年供应商多样性行动计划.
  • 佩斯公民参与中心设立了OPE体育官网RISE(承认不平等和支持平等)资助计划,让学生在夏天与校园或社区伙伴一起开展一个探索和倡导种族正义的项目.